navigo_app Road Patrol Solution

Provides offline (synchronized) road and route patrol information for your area of maintenance.  Reporting on weather condition, road condition, deficiencies, accidents, potholes, etc are easily completed.  No other 3rd party licensing or connectivity is required.  All hardware and software is provided..patrolandroid

Record Patrol Routes
Record Patrol history against road segments
Monitor patrol times, average speeds, total distance and total deficiencies
Monitor road condition, weather, wind speed and wind direction
Track accidents / incidents
All base mapping included
Offline mode allows for data synchronization
Track and maintain deficiencies

Powerful Reporting Dashboard

Navigo provides a custom reporing dashboard that allows access to patrol and deficiency reports.  Standard road patrol / deficiency and custom reporting available.  Easily export reports to word/pdf/excel/crystal reports.

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Easily Track Road Surface Conditions

Navigo Patrol system allows for easy drop down form entry for road condition.

Manage Deficiencies and minimize liability

Track and manage issues found in the field.  Tracks time stamp, GPS co-ordinant, Image capture and notes.