navigo_app Infrastructure Asset Management

Navigo provides full scope asset management software and services.  Working closely with our partners to provide infrastructure standards for maintenance and long term capital planning.  Navigo's data collection routines, mapping tools, mobility and custom reporting is a powerful tool for public and private sector firms.


Data Collection and Management

Navigo provides the software, hardware and resources to collect and report infrastructure information.

- Regulatory Signage (reflectivity)
- Water and Sewer (linear)
- Road network
- Buildings
- Parks and recreation
- Environmental
- Civic Addressing

Navigo Asset Management Portal

GIS viewer, enterprise reporting & easy to use data importing/exporting functionality. The Geomatic Portal is a powerful hosted geographic database and software in one. View any and all geographic infrastructure for your municipality. The web mapping feature can be a powerful tool to visualize strengths and weaknesses in your infrastructure and municipal environment, including civic addressing requirements. The Navigo Solutions Inc. Geomatic Data Portal is solely owned and licensed by Navigo, making it an obvious repository for your GIS data as there are no restrictions on end users within your Municipality. Export reports, digitize assets and analyze infrastructure conditions using a single viewer unrestricted by 3rd party software or desktop software. Secure multitenant login allows unlimited users and can be customized for unique user requirements. View all deficiencies and prioritize work based on urgency.

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Conditional assessments of infrastructure assets provides accurate life span information

Navigo can provide conditional assessment for your infrastructure assets.


Know what you have, where it is and what it is worth

Using leading edge geospatial technologies Navigo can classify your assets, locate them and provide conditional and financial reporting.